Bali mynah (Dijkman, 2014)

Godi Dijkman describes recent breeding and release developments of the Bali starling in 2014, in Nusa Penida and the West Bali National Park. Below article was published in BirdingASIA no. 22, December 2014, which only reached its readers second half of March 2015. The author wishes to thank both Bayu Wirayudha at Friends of the National Parks Foundation ( and Nana Rukmana at the West Bali National Park for their invaluable information. More information on FNPF conservation endeavours for the Starling can be found at: In addition, recent information on breeding projects of this beautiful Balinese bird by the Begawan Foundation (Sibang, Bali) may be found at:

Bali Starling (2008)

Bali Starling: Rare Birds Yearbook 2008

Range & population

The starling is endemic to the island of Bali, Indonesia, where it formerly ranged across the north-west third of the island. It has perhaps long been uncommon, but the population has declined drastically and contracted its range. 

Servaes Nouts (2008)

Klokkenist van het Stadhuis op de Dam

De gemeente Amsterdam, bij monde van wethouder J.N. Van Hall, besloot op 13 oktober 1897, bij gemeenteraadsbesluit volgnummer 90, de straat ‘tusschen de Ceintuurbaan en de Hoedenmakerskade’ te verbinden met de naam van Servaes Nouts.

Tana Toraja, the Land of plenty (2000)

Breathtaking views

Tana Toraja is the cool heart of South Sulawesi, the beautiful orchid-shaped island on the equator, at the centre of the vast Indonesian archipelago. Between 1996 and 1999 the author spent almost three years in this mountainous region, the coffee-producing highlands of 'Celebes'.

Vanen, plumes from paradise (2009)

Lost on the fringes of Indonesia, the small Aru archipelago has fascinated merchants and scientists for centuries. In its forests dwells a flamboyant wonder known as the Greater Bird-of-Paradise, one of the most beautiful birds on earth.

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