English Language Teaching

schipholcollege-logoEnglish Teacher

ROC Aviation College Hoofddorp, rocva.nl, January - July 2008

  • 14 weekly contact hours, three days a week
  • 10 first grade especially selected, promising students
  • writing skills, grammar, specialised vocabulary for aviation
  • specialised reader and material provided by school
  • 'English Grammar in Use. A self-study reference and practice book for intermediate students of English with, answers' (Third Edition) by Raymond Murphy, Cambridge University Press 2004
  • 'English Grammar in Use Supplementary Exercises, with answers' (New) by Louise Hashemi, Cambridge University Press 2004    

rocva-logoEnglish & Dutch Teacher

Schiphol College (ROC van Amsterdam), schipholcollege.com, March - June 2008

  • 12 weekly contact hours Dutch, English & ICT, three days a week
  • security personnel in training
  • Methods internal reader and books on (personnel) security proceedings provided by school
  • computer laboratory for testing language skills

vso-logoEnglish Language Teacher (VSO)

Universitas Kristen Indonesia Toraja & Tourism Academy Dian Riana (Toraja, South Sulawesi, Indonesia), vso.org.uk

November 1996 - March 1999

  • 20 weekly contact hours
  • Classes of 10-35 undergraduate students; English classes to local police force, once a week during three months; everyday English, Cross Cultural Understanding, English for Specific Purposes (Tourism)
  • a mix of readers and courses designed by fellow VSO EL teachers
  • 'The New Cambridge English Course' 1-3, Michael Swan, Catherine Walter, Cambridge University Press 1994/1995
  • 'Beyond Language. Intercultural Communication for English as a Second Language', by Deena R.Levine, Mara B. Adelman, Prentice-Hall, 1982
  • 'English for International Tourism' (Course Book, Teacher's Resource Book) by Miriam Jacob & Peter Strutt, Longman 1997

Teacher-training, 5-10 weekly meetings, observation during lessons, discussions

  • TEFL workshops organised for teachers from various schools and educational institutions in the area
  • 'Teaching English through English. A Course in Classroom Language and Techniques' by Jane Willis, Longman 1981
  • 'Teach English. A training course for teachers' (teacher' s workbook, trainer's handbook) by Adrian Duff, Cambridge Teacher Training and Development, Cambridge University Press, 1994/1996

damiate-logoEnglish Language Teacher

Damiate College, Haarlem, The Netherlands; February - July 1996

  • Initial Professional (Technical) Education
  • 11 IVBO/VBO classes\1st to 4th grade
  • additional study supervision hours after school
  • tutorship of 22 second grade students

Substitute English Language Teacher

Meao-College, Amsterdam, The Netherlands; January - February 1996

  • vocational school for intermediate business education
  • two groups of first grade students & 1 group of second grade students

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