Language teaching, translation & research


G.Dijkman has taught Dutch as a Second & Foreign Language since 1993. As a self-employed language consultant ZZP'er, he currently teaches at NEDLES, TOPTAAL & ROCvA, Amsterdam. Previously, he participated in yearly 'Seminarium' workshops organised by the Nederlandse Taalunie for foreign teachers of Dutch. Past employers include ETC Jakarta, VU-NT2 Amsterdam & INTT UvA-Amsterdam. He enjoys teaching communicative language skills at CEFRL levels A0-C1, specialises in writing skills between B1-C1.


Apart from English & Italian into Dutch at near-native proficiency, he's familiar with Indonesian at advanced proficiency. Being a bit of a lingoholic, he worked with French, Spanish & German at basic proficiency too. Subjects on education, nature conservation & the environment are favourite.


Close contacts with Indonesia have resulted in historical research on Nusa Penida - Bali, the Greater Bird-of-Paradise in Aru-Moluccas & the ancient story of Calon Arang in Bali. More to home, Dutch Golden Age painter Servaes Nouts, Latin-Roman Civilisation & Archaeology have his interest. And last but not least, family history ????.

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