Language teaching, translation & research


Lic. (Drs.) G. Dijkman has been teaching Dutch as a Second & Foreign Language (NVT & NT2) since 1993. As a self-employed language consultant (ZZP'er), he currently teaches at TOPTAAL (Amsterdam) and has participated in yearly 'Seminarium' workshops organised by the Nederlandse Taalunie to foreign teachers of Dutch as a Foreign Language (NVT). Past employers include ETC (Jakarta), VU-NT2 (Amsterdam), INTT (UvA - Amsterdam) & ROC van Amsterdam & Flevoland. He enjoys teaching communicative language skills at CEFRL levels A0-C1.

Apart from Dutch, he also teaches English and Indonesian.


Certified/sworn translations include English & Italian > Dutch (active/near-native proficiency). Apart from this he masters Indonesian (advanced/near-native proficiency). Also, he has worked with French, Spanish & German (basic proficiency). Godi specialises in subjects related to education, nature conservation, the environment and international humanitarian aid, and is keen to assist NGOs where he can.


Close contacts with Indonesia have resulted in research on a number of subjects: historical research on Nusa Penida (sibling to Bali, Indonesia), the Greater Bird-of-Paradise in Aru (Moluccas, Indonesia), a performance of the ancient story of Calon Arang (Bali, Indonesia). Other topics include historical research on Dutch Golden Age painter Servaes Nouts, Latin & Roman Civilisation and archaeology. Apart from this, family history is a topic of rewarding research. 

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