Restoring Family Ties (ICRC, 2000/2007)

Restoring family ties in conflict areas (Aceh & Papua, Indonesia)

icrc-logoInterpreting of conversations and meetings held on topics related to the conflict in Aceh, Papua and other regions in Indonesia. Counterparts in these discussions were expatriate ICRC personnel, local population (missing cases etc.), local chapters and branches of Indonesian Red Cross Society, Indonesian government officials, armed forces, police, rebels, prison directors and staff etc.

Journey to the end of oblivion (2011)

Language consultant, assistant & sound man to 'Journey to the End of Oblivion (working title), Production Vilbrekprod, La Chaux-de Fonds (CH), October 2011

Tuan Papa, Television documentary on Indonesian Oral History (Bali, Indonesia)


tuanpapa-logoInterpreting between Indonesian and Dutch for oral history interview team. Interviews focussed on two members of one family with Dutch roots,where interpreter took the role of interviewer whilst learning techniques necessary for oral history interviews.

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