Dutch Language Training (NT2 & NVT)


Dutch Language Trainer (NT2) at NEDLES, Amsterdam, https://nedles.nl

November 2022 - present

  • Dutch language classes for small groups of up to 6 highly-educated students of 2,5 hours; method: Code+ deel 3 (A2>B1) & deel 4 (B1>B2)

Teacher of Dutch (NT2) at TOPTAAL, Amsterdam, toptaal.nl

February 2022 - present

  • CoDiVa, computer skills and basic Dutch to a group of five students at low literacy level; once a week 2,5 hours; methods: Link A0-A1, DigLin+
  • Taal op de Werkvloer, Vondelhotels: Dutch language skills tailored for the hotel business, once a week 3 hours. Method: Code+ deel 3 and others
  • Staatsexamen I group, Taaloffensief, Dutch for fast students A0-A2, twice a week 2,5 hours; methods: Code+ deel 1 & 2

May - June 2010

  • Staatsexamen I group: 10 highly-educated students, CEFR levels A0-A2, five contact hours a week, methods: Code !, Nederlands in Hoofdlijnen, Toptaal reader.

Teacher of Dutch (NT2) Staatsexamen Programmes I & II at ROC van Amsterdam & Flevoland, rocva.nl & rocvanflevoland.nl

April 2010 – present

  • teaching Dutch as a Second Language (NT2), 20 international students per class
  • CEFR levels: A0-B2 (false beginners & advanced)
  • methods: Contact! deel 1&2, Code 1&2, IJsbreker deel 3 "Op Koers", Nederlands in Actie, Nederlands in Hoofdlijnen, Stap Deel 3, De Opmaat, Van Start, Vooruit, De Finale, In zicht, Taalsterk B1
  • from start of Covid-19 period until present: combined online teaching with Zoom, Teams
  • tutorship various groups
  • 6-12 contact hours a week

Inburgering A0-A2

  • 25 language learners preparing for their "inburgeringsexamen"
  • methods: portfolio, Nederlands aan het Werk, Taalpingpong, Nederlands in Hoofdlijnen, Kennis van Nederlande Samenleving
  • tutorship various groups
  • approx. 10 contact hours a week

TOA & TONI (Alfa) tests co-ordinator & planner toets.nl

  • planning, co-ordinating & taking of 'TOA/TONI-toetsen' (NT2 tests)
  • CEFR levels: A0-B2
  • methods: ICE (Culemborg), 'Toets Onderwijs en Arbeidsmarkt' & 'Toets Op weg Naar Inburgering'
  • approximately 10-20 hours a week

Intake & Assessment Inburgering A2 & Staatsexamen I

  • intake & assessment prospective students
  • communication with DWI, Taalwijzers Amsterdam Centrum & West, Amsterdam Municipality Administration through Edisa
  • assessment medhod: ICE TIWI-II
  • approx. 24-32 students, 10 hours a week

Teacher of Dutch & English (2006 - 2008) at Schiphol College & ROCvA

  • ROCVA, Amsterdam: 24 contact hours weekly, groups of approx. 10-20 students up to CEFR level B1; methods: IJsbreker, Doorstart (2006, 10 months)
  • Schiphol College, Hoofddorp: 12 contact hours weekly Dutch, English & ICT to groups of Security Personnel Students (2008, four months)

English Language Teaching

schipholcollege-logoEnglish Teacher

ROC Aviation College Hoofddorp, rocva.nl, January - July 2008

  • 14 weekly contact hours, three days a week
  • 10 first grade especially selected, promising students
  • writing skills, grammar, specialised vocabulary for aviation

Bahasa Indonesia Teaching

Teacher of Bahasa Indonesia, 'Bureau Wibaut', Wibautstraat 150, Amsterdam

  • September - December 2011
  • private course for five advanced students at level 3
  • methods: 'Selamat Datang' 2, chapters 1-7
  • 1 1/2 contact hours a week


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