Caecilia Artemis, Valencia (101-200 AD)

Below Roman inscription is found on a funerary stela, photographed at Museu de Prehistòria de València, December 2016. 

Puente del Mar, Valencia (1596)

Below article is a Latin text found at the Puente del mar, Valencia (December 2016). The inscription is dated 1596, and testifies that the Valentia Senate & People (SPQV) appointed a number of prominent people to deal with the consequences of historic inundations. Spanish and Dutch (preliminary) translations are given.

Julia Maxima, Valencia (89-117 AD)

Below Roman inscription is found on a family tombstone from the Era of Trajan (89-117 AD), in the Archeological Museum Almoina, Valencia. This inscription has two sections and is part of a monumental family grave.

Plaza de la Virgen, Valencia (1962)

This Roman inscripton is located near the fountain on the Plaza de la Virgen, Valencia. It was most probably created in 1962, exactly 21 centuries after the foundation of the Roman city of Valentia in 138 BC.

Puente del Mar, Valencia (1782)

This Roman inscription, beneath the statue of Nuestra Señora de los Desamparados (Our Lady of the Abandoned), on the Puente Del Mar (Valencia) was probably engraved in 1782 by D. Fancisco Perezio Baierio (Pérez Bayer). It recalls the disastrous floods that befell the city of Valencia in October and November 1776 during the reign of King Charles III of Spain.

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